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In the early 18th century, mankind recovered the Philosopher's Stones, also known as Matrices, from the Spring of Yord. This marked the beginning of the Alchemical Revolution.

While this brought forth great progress for mankind, it ultimately caused their worst fears to become a reality. The Rosenkreuz Foundation managed to stop Elixirel and drive back Gundemonium 10 years ago, but the demons have not ceased their attack.

Finally, in the year 1795, a plan has been made to counter the onslaught of enemies pouring from the Gates of Hell. This would come to be known as Operation Demonic Dawn.

Many fighters and mercenaries have been drafted to assist in the Operation, including Eryth Millfall, a participant in Mission Gundemonium 10 years ago, and Elixirel, who has been reborn since the incident 10 years ago and now seeks to assist Eryth.

Only time will tell if the Operation will succeed, or if mankind is doomed to annihilation by the Demonium Army from Que Pholith.

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