Gundemonium Recollection

In the 18th century, mankind's rapid advancement has slowly led them to disaster. With the Philosopher's Stones, also known as the Matrices, there were great advances in alchemy, bringing about a new age.

These advancements came at a cost, however. These Matrices were found in the Spring of Yord, deep within a Hell known as Que Pholith. Destruction poured out from Que Pholith. The Demonium army attacked in full force.

People learned to control the Matrices in an attempt to counter the demons. These people are called Matrix Masters. Even that wasn't enough to stop them. The 7th Demonium emerged, known as Gundemonium. To counter this threat, an artificial Matrix was created. Her name was Elixirel, the Chrome Matrix Proxy.

That's when it happened... Elixirel was captured by Gundemonium, and rebelled against mankind. The Rosenkreuz Foundation rushed into action to stop the demons and put an end to this.

The year is 1785... The beginning of Mission Gundemonium.

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